CONNECT – We believe in connecting people with God and with each other. We want to know your name. We want to give you a place to call home. Most important, we want you to belong, so we intentionally work to create Connection Points – programs, events, activities – where you can plug in and be a part of the FRC family.

GROW – We believe each person has dynamic potential. As much as we want you to connect, we are committed to helping you grow in your faith and understanding of Jesus Christ. Through Bible studies, small group meetings, Sunday school classes, and Connection Points, we want to help you develop your gifts and know how to use them.

SERVE – We believe service brings life, both for the individual serve and the community they serve. From serving meals at local food banks to setting up chairs for weekly programs, we want our church family to engage our community and change the lives of those around us.

GO – We believe the world belongs to God, and we want our church family to go into all the world. Each year, we create opportunities to work locally, nationally, and globally; when we go, we come back changed. When we are stretched, we must fully rely on God, and we awaken to a life of ministry.