Full Time Youth Ministry Position

Full Time Youth Ministry Position, August 2017

First Reformed Church (FRC) in Lynden, WA, is seeking an individual to provide full-time leadership to our student ministries, grades 6-12. We are searching for someone preferably with experience in youth ministry, who has a passion to disciple students, lead interns, and develop and equip volunteer ministry leaders. This individual will have high relational skills, an ability to be highly adaptive, and be self-motivated. They will also be someone committed to personal growth, discipleship, and be supportive of the mission, vision, and values of FRC.
Responsibilities of this position-

  • Leading and overseeing our Junior High and High School ministries. This includes small groups, mentoring students, and large gatherings. High School ministry currently meets on Sunday evenings, and Junior High on Wednesday evenings.
  • To create intentional environments to proclaim the Gospel to lost students.
  • Overseeing Sunday morning education (45min of small groups for Jr. High & High School age students)
  • Partnering with parents and families, seeing youth ministry as an extension of the family. This includes resourcing parents and offering teaching and training for them, as well as working with their kids.
  • Training, recruiting, and equipping volunteer leaders to work in the High School and Jr. High youth ministry.

 Expectations of this position-

  • They will be accountable to the Lead Pastor, and will work closely with him in developing a philosophy of ministry, and a contextual strategy for reaching students in the world today.
  • They will be an engaged part of the staff, part of staff meetings, in the office when they are not out with students or doing ministry, and work intentionally to see how their role in youth ministry is an essential piece in the greater mission of FRC.
  • They will be committed to ongoing growth, discipleship, and personal accountability. That they will, as Paul told Timothy, ‘watch their life and doctrine closely’.
  • They will be a life-long learner. Committed to continuing education and ministry growth experiences such as conferences, classes, and training opportunities.

FRC’s compensation for this position-

  • Will be based on education and experience, and discussed in greater detail during potential interview process.

If you are interested in applying for this position, please send a resume, references, and cover letter describing yourself, to Ryan@lyndenfrc.org.