Leadership Staff


Pastor Ryan Bajema

I’m Ryan Bajema, and I am the Lead Pastor here at FRC. I am the primary preacher on Sunday mornings and provide leadership to the staff as well as the overall church. I work closely with our worship leaders in the formation of our worship services, and also have a passion to raise up new leaders in ministry at FRC.

In so many ways, FRC has graciously walked with me as I’ve continually grown and developed as a leader. I love the heart of people within this church to live and love like Jesus does! There is a passion for Christ, a growing desire for the scriptures, and a hunger to be a church that lives outside our walls, seeking to make Christ known throughout this world.

I really enjoy running, hiking, and being outside. Also, anything with my girls and family, brings me great joy!


Mike Smit

I am Mike Smit and I am the Director of Ministries. I help coordinate our adult ministry efforts with volunteer leaders and teams; I serve as a sounding board and advisor for Pastor Ryan and the consistory; I help with staffing issues; and work closely with the deacons, the missions team, and our prayer ministry. I also help with strategic planning and facility issues.

I love working here because of the vibrant, ‘can-do’ attitude and comradery of our staff and so many of our volunteer leaders. I appreciate a visionary and transparent leader and I love the way we seem to be pulling together and leaning into what we believe is God’s vision for FRC. I also appreciate the value we place on young families and children as we look to the future.

Diann and I really love hiking, camping and board games

Rochele DeRuyter

I am Rochele DeRuyter and I oversee the FRC Kids Early Childhood Ministries- the birth to age 5. It gives me such joy to be able to see all the little people on Wednesday nights as well as Sundays. I have been blessed with an amazing group of volunteers who are eager to serve and love these little people as well!

I am married to Brent and we have four children. I love to go to our kids sporting events, drink coffee, go for walks and most importantly, laugh. God has so richly blessed me, by bringing me to FRC and being able to do one more thing I love- spend with little people!


Benjamin deWaard

Serving alongside the body of Christ at FRC brings me great joy. I absolutely love seeing everyone’s unique gifts being used for the edification of the body to the glory of God! I find great joy in helping the youth of our church navigate through the challenges of adolescence. while keeping our gaze fixed upon our unchanging and ever-constant Savior through it all.

I enjoy:
Roasting my own coffee beans, and then consuming the divine beverage
Watching and following the Toronto Maple Leafs
Spending time with family, and then taking a break from said family by riding my motorcycle 🙂

R & J Fullner

Rich and Joanna Fullner

Following our retirement (Sept. 2018) from 28 years of ministry to Chinese Scholars, both in China and at the University of Washington, we were seeking guidance on what God had in store for us in our next season of life. We were happy to receive a call from Pastor Ryan, to consider a role as visitors to the seniors at FRC. This would include visits to homes, care centers, retirement facilities, and hospitals. Since we are both seniors (55+++), and since we already know many of the senior members of the congregation, it seemed like a natural fit. We have been greatly blessed by these visits – learning more about individual life journeys – the joys and the pains – and how God has worked in their lives. We enjoy hearing their stories and sharing scripture, prayer, and listening to hymns on these visits. We also enjoy the interaction with the FRC staff involved in congregational care – seeing their commitment to serving this segment of the congregation.

We pray for God’s blessing on our efforts – that we may bring a small measure of joy and peace with us on each visit.
We enjoy interacting with our 5 married children, 23 grandchildren, and 8 great grandchildren. We also enjoy maintaining communication with many of our former Chinese students, most of whom are back in China.


Eric Westlund

I am Eric Westlund. I get the amazing pleasure of hanging out with junior high students for a living. Being able to watch students mature, grow and have a blast while learning about God, is what makes my job so amazing. To make things even better, I have a great church staff that surrounds me, and I am so very blessed by my leaders that support and serve every week!

My favorite things to do would of course be spending time with my wife. We love board games, movies, and taking walks together. I always enjoy the opportunity to have students come hang out with me as well.

On a personal note, there are very few things that I don’t enjoy. The Seahawks and fantasy football are always something I can discuss. I enjoy playing all sports, especially tennis. I find a lot of value in my alone time and being able to just unwind.