Fill the Container for Tanzania

We are collecting funds to purchase all the items you will see pictured at the table in the FRC lobby. We want to fill the shipping container, with your help. Here’s how it works:

  1. There are items for 3 different parts of the ministry in Tanzania -The Wood Shop, The Soccer Ministry, and Emily’s Education Ministry (teaching ESL).
  2. Take a card(s) with the item(s) you’d like to help purchase.
  3. Write a check for the cost of the item(s) – Payable to FRC (with “Tanzania’ in the memo line)
  4. Return the check and the card – we will tape every card on the container, symbolizing the filling of the container!

NOTE: If you want to purchase the actual item yourself:

  • For smaller items, you can bring them to FRC and we will deliver them to the container.
  • For larger items (like equipment) – you can arrange for them to be delivered to the container or have Nate Graf (from New+Vision Soccer) pick it up (see contact info below).

**Please have all your donations and monies in by Sunday, February 24.**
Contact the FRC office to arrange drop offs of large items at 360-354-4221, or email at Office@lyndenfrc.org.

Past Mission Trips


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Since 2013, FRC has partnered with ABC (Antioch Bible Church) Ghana, to help Pastor Raymond Mensah in his ministry to the deaf and disabled community of Tema, Ghana. Pastor Raymond is one of Ghana’s only advocates for people with disabilities, and has very little outside support. In our time there, our church has been ignited with passion for Raymond and the beautiful Ghanaen people. What started with outreach, worship, and visitation in the Tema area, has spread to work and partnerships with schools, churches, and orphanages; and has spread beyond FRC, into the Lynden Community. We plan on taking a trip every other year, and we are eager to share the experience. Africa gets in your bones, and part of you will stay forever!

If you are interested in learning when the next mission trip is, or have any questions, contact Pastor Jeff Thomas, jeff@lyndenfrc.org.
To learn more about Pastor Raymond Mensah, click HERE.

South Africa

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“This trip was started because of 2 reasons: After falling in love with South Africa after a college trip in 2008, I (Chad) have always wanted to return on a mission trip; then after Kent and Lyndall visited FRC church in 2014, I felt God tugging on my heart, that this was the opportunity to start a mission trip to South Africa.” Kent challenged the FRC congregation to take our love for sports, and focus that into God and missions. The FRC South Africa trip, is a sports oriented trip in which we organize a youth soccer tournament of 15-20 local youth teams from the Gold Coast/Ballito area, as well as  put on a 2 day soccer and basketball camp for the local kids. We also put on a VBS style Bible school for the local kids at one of the local schools. FRC is teaming up with “Hearts that Hope Children’s Home”, which is run by Kent and Lyndall VanderYacht, as our main contacts on the ground in South Africa. We are getting into a community that is still hurting from the wounds of apartheid in South Africa; building bridges through different races and backgrounds; and showing the kids the Love of God, through sports. God has truly been amazing in the planning of this trip. The first one will be July 2016, with the support of God, the church, and local businesses and families.

If you are interested in learning more about this mission trip, or have any questions, contact Chad Fakkema at chadfakkema@gmail.com.
To learn more about this ministry, click HERE.


This trip was originally a youth trip in 2009.  We wanted to find an organization we could connect with year after year, and build lasting relationships, instead of going to a place where we didn’t know anyone and just do work and come home.  When we go to “Eagles Nest”, we do various work projects involving welding, concrete, painting, electrical, plumbing, cabinetry and furniture making, and repairs.  We often help organize donations that have come in, and help with some deep cleaning.  However, we also spend time investing into the lives of kids.  We have done Vacation Bible Schools, Ministry in the town center, training teachers, feeding kids from the community, and much more.  Our goal when we go is, to go with open hearts and willing hands.  We want to serve wherever is needed and not get caught up in what our agenda might be. We focus on what “Eagles Nest” can use to give the workers there a much needed rest, or hand.  We now go every January, and this has become an incredible trip that many look forward to each year!

If you are interested in learning when the next mission trip is, or have any questions, contact Daniel Vander Kooi, at Daniel@mannainsurancegroup.com.

To learn more about the Eagles Nest Orphanage, click HERE.


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Let us tell you about “Missions Network International”:

In the Fall of 2000, a group of individuals in Whatcom County, Washington State, began planning their first mission trip to Baja, Mexico. They went with the hope of making an impact on a poverty-stricken community, by shining the light of Jesus into their lives. No one suspected that this initial trip would jump start a quest to form a permanent, functional ministry. Yet, in just a few short years, this small group has joined with several other mission teams, to successfully build several houses for poor families, as well as a medical clinic to provide for the community’s needs. God placed upon the hearts of these people, a dream to build an orphanage for the children of the Baja. Through the efforts of many people and the blessings of the Lord, their dream has expanded and become a reality.

“Missions Network International” (MNI), is a Christian, inter-denominational, non-profit outreach organization. Its headquarters are located in Lynden, Washington. MNI operates the “Mount of Olives Children’s Village”, in Uruapan, Baja, Mexico.

Since its inception in September of 2000, the ministry has developed and established a mission’s team program that facilitates many mission groups to Baja, Mexico. Facilitating mission groups strengthens the operating and construction costs of the “Mount of Olives Children’s Village”, as most mission teams choose the children’s village as their primary construction project.

The Children’s Village, is a program which shelters street children and orphans. Through the ministry’s Child Sponsorship program, these children are placed and cared for in orphanage. Since the rescued street children and orphans are emotionally fragile due to experiencing trauma early in life, the primary concern is to provide security, stability, and continuity in a loving home atmosphere. The home environment has been created to provide for the specific needs that the children wouldn’t otherwise receive, like the chance to grow and develop as members of a loving extended family on a daily basis. Therefore, “Mount of Olives Children’s Village”, is operated in a family environment, complete with national house parents, and an “aunty” who assists with the daily tasks. The children are also provided with an education and instruction on Christian principles, health, proper hygiene, and nutrition to help foster their God given potential. The goal is to allow the children to grow into happy, healthy and productive adults. In turn, they will have the desire and the ability to help others as a result of their positive upbringing.

We are making a positive impact on both individual lives and in the communities of Baja, Mexico. Because personal relationships are foundational for building trust and promoting openness for learning, we believe that our actions must be motivated by love and compassion through God’s help and love. Our ministry is committed to linking with individuals, churches, mission partners, and other similar ministries to make a significant impact on the world in which we live.

I (Ted) have been involved with this organization since 2008. The Lord placed this on my heart, and I went on my first trip in 2011. Since that time, I have been linking people who are interested in serving, to join MNI. It has been my joy to watch people fall in love with serving people less fortunate than themselves. The Baja peninsula is one of the most wonderful places I know of.

If you are interested in learning when the next mission trip is, or have any questions, contact Ted Brouwer at: brofamily89@gmail.com.

To learn more about this ministry, click HERE.