Ministering to those in our congregation who are 60-ish and beyond, our mission is to: encourage each other to share the good news of the gospel and the love of Jesus with our words and acts of service; be role models to the younger generations; love and respect one another and foster deepening friendships;  and be good stewards of God’s blessings and grace. We have quarterly luncheons/events on or off campus, and other activities every 1-2 months.
You are invited to join us for any of our events by calling us at 360.354.4221; or emailing us here.
Questions? Contact Mike Smit for information, at Remember, this is NOT your parents’ group…this is now YOUR group!

Upcoming Events

Mariners vs. Yankees Baseball Game

As one of our CONNECTING events this summer, FRC will be chartering a bus trip to the Mariners vs. Yankees baseball game at T-Mobile Park. Join us on Wed., Aug. 28 for a 1:30 p.m. game! For a ticket, plus round trip charter service, and lower level seating, cost is only $60. Mark your calendars now! You can sign up at the Connection Center.