Our CALEB group, Christian Adults Living Effectively and Boldly, is a ministry to members and friends of FRC, who are 65 years and over, who share their relationship with Jesus Christ. As older adults, our mission is to: bear witness of Jesus’ saving grace to our peers; share the love of Jesus by our words and acts of service; be role models to the younger generations; love and respect one another; be good stewards of God’s blessings and grace; and glorify God and enjoy Him forever. We participate in quarterly luncheons on campus, and monthly social outings.

You are invited to join us for any of our events by calling us at 360.354.4221; or emailing us here.

Upcoming Events

CALEB Outing to Birch Bay

Calling all seniors at FRC: Don’t miss our ‘Day at Birch Bay’- We will leave at 11:00 a.m., on Tuesday, August 1, from the FRC parking lot in the church van, enjoy lunch and fellowship at Kornelis’ home past Birch Bay State Park, and stop by the C-Shop for ice cream on the way home! All for only $5! Don’t miss it. Please sign up at the Information Center.