Biblical Counseling for Women

Everyone has problems from time to time, and sometimes we need a little bit of help to get through the rough spots. That's where Biblical counseling comes in. Biblical counseling is intensive discipleship. It is seeking deeply after God's wisdom in His Word to find the solutions to life's problems.

What is Biblical Counseling?
Biblical counseling can be as simple as opening our Bibles over a cup of coffee or as complex as tackling the deeper problems we often face. We are fully convinced that the Word of God has every answer to every problem faced by every person, and our Biblical counselors are here to walk alongside and help you find those answers.

Who is it for?
Our ministry of Biblical counseling is primarily for the women of FRC, however our female Biblical counselors do counsel women from the community .

What is expected of me?
  • A willingness to grow and change.
  • To be on time for weekly counseling appointments.
  • Completion of all homework assignments in between counseling sessions.

What is the cost?
Our counseling is FREE!  It is always a privilege to sit down with those who are suffering and share the hope that is found in God's Word.

Who are our counselors?
Our Biblical counselors are affiliated with the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC).

What if I have questions or want Biblical counseling?
Please email if you have questions or want to inquire about Biblical counseling.

Please note: We cannot accommodate requests for particular counselors.  We trust all our counselors to faithfully counsel from God's Word and we trust God's sovereignty to place you with the counselor who is right for you.